Simplification of Problems - Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers for IBPS PO

1 Add and find the appropriate value to replace the question mark (?)


A 60855
B 60455
C 61725
D 61455

Answer: Option [C]
2 On her birthday Priyanka equally distributed chocolates among her 120 classmates. But on that day 15 of her classmates were absent. Thus each friend got 4 extra chocolates. How many chocolates did each friend get?
A 26
B 28
C 30
D 32

Answer: Option [D]

Let the number of chocolates each child got is x

Then, 120x/105 - x = 4

= (120x-105x)/105 = 4

= 15x = 420

So, x = 28

Thus each classmate got 28 + 4 = 32 chocolates

3 There are some owls and some lions in a forest. If the total number of heads in the forest is 1460 and total number of legs is 4580. What is the total number of owls in the forest?
A 630
B 830
C 930
D 960

Answer: Option [A]

Let us take the total number of owls is = x

and total number of lions is = y

Then, x + y = 1460 --------(i)

We know that a owl has 2 legs and a lion has 4 legs.

So, the total number of legs of owl is = 2x

and the total number of legs of lion is = 4x

So, 2x + 4x = 4580 --------(ii)

Solving the equation (i) and (ii) we get,

x = 630 and y = 830

So the total number of owls is = 630

4 By how much is 3/38 of 304 is less than 6/5 of 400?
A 352
B 456
C 478
D 482

Answer: Option [B]

= 6/5 of 400 - 3/38 of 304

= 480 - 24

= 456

5 A man earn Rs. 320 on the first day and spends Rs. 250 on the next day. He again earns Rs. 320 on the third day and spend Rs. 250 on the fourth day. Tf he continues to earn like that, how soon he will be have Rs. 1050 in hand?
A 15
B 29
C 30
D 31

Answer: Option [C]

On the second day he spend Rs. 250. i.e. he earns Rs. 70

On the third day he again earn Rs. 320 and spend Rs. 70. Thus he save Rs. 70 again.

Thus it is seen that he save Rs. 70 in every 2 days.

So, he earn Rs. 1050 in 1050/70 x 2 = 30 days.


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Random GK Questions

A TISCO at Burnpur
B Durgapur Iron and Steel Plant
C TISCO at Jamshedpur
D None of the above
Answer: Option [C]
A Taxes other than stamp duties on transactions in stock exchange and future markets<
B Taxes on Railway freights and fares.
C Taxes on mineral rights subject to any limitations imposed by the Parliament.
D Rate of stamp duty in respect of certain financial documents.
Answer: Option [C]
A Drafting Committee
B Constituent Assembly
C Union Constitution Committee
D A Working Committee
Answer: Option [A]
A Max Muller
B Adam Smith
C Karl Marx
D None of these above
Answer: Option [B]
A land
B wind
C river
D ash from volcanoes
Answer: Option [C]
A Brazil
B Argentina
C Germany
D Netherlands
Answer: Option [C]